1. When To Schedule Water Heater Repair Part 2

    Welcome back to A Cap Plumbing’s blog. If you’re concerned about the health of your hot water heater, never fear, we’re here to help you understand the workings of your water heater and therefore understand when you need to consider hot water heater replacement and when regular repair is all y…Read More

  2. When To Schedule Water Heater Repair

    While a hot water heater is a completely modern convenience, it has quickly become essential to our everyday lives. Without hot water, people tend to get a little edgy. As in, they totally freak out without the ability to have a hot shower. Avoid this tragedy occurring in your own home by maintainin…Read More

  3. What’s Lurking inside your drain pipes?

    This is left over organic matter that was left behind from years of house hold plumbing use. The matter that is restricting flow is a combination of food, grease, feces, hair, skin, and any and every thing that goes down the drain pipe. As you can see this decomposing organic mater is reducing the s…Read More

  4. When Plumbing Repair Services Are Unavoidable

    Plumbers: The Bare Necessity As we’ve previously stated, DIY plumbing projects are not a good idea. There’s so much that can go wrong, and the thing about plumbing potentially going wrong is the result could be disastrous, rather than a small mishap. You could cause major damage to your property…Read More

  5. When to Replace Your Plumbing

    Determining If You Need Muskegon Plumbers For An Overhaul Whenever a plumbing issue occurs, it can be scary. There’s water flowing everywhere and it smells. Overall, it's disturbing experience. When these things happen, it’s easy to determine that you want your home plumbing replaced. If you’v…Read More

  6. Don’t DIY Professional Plumbing

    Pinterest is the founder of the DIY craze and with YouTube assisting in filmed how-tos, we now all think we can do everything on our own. We’ll admit a lot of things you can just google, but would you like to google how to deal with that giant hairball that’s now wrapped in tree roots and is tur…Read More

  7. Duck Lake State Park Adopt-A-Beach Results

    A Cap Plumbing Services organized an Adopt-A-Beach clean up at Duck Lake State Park in Muskegon, MI. The result below will be submitted to The Alliance for the Great Lakes. 15 Volunteers Tiny Pieces: 47 Foam 12 Glass 715 Plastic 50 Cigarette Butts 34 Food Wrappers 1 Plastic Take Out Container 1 Foam…Read More

  8. Article from White Lake Beacon

      A Cap Plumbing Services is hosting a shoreline cleanup at Duck Lake State Park as part of the Alliance for the Great Lakes’ Adopt-a-Beach™ Program. About 13,000 volunteers participate each year in cleanups and assess environmental conditions on beaches and shorelines on all five Great Lakes, …Read More