So how safe is Michigan pubic drinking water? Not safe at all, here are a few reasons why Michigan’s water is not safe. The Michigan plumbing code does not require back flow devices at water meters where water from the municipality enters your home or business. When a water main breaks all the water up stream of the break comes flowing towards the break in the water main. Hoses attached to the water system and dangling into buckets of water, or toilets with the incorrect fill valve, or water heaters, boilers, hydroponic reservoir, and many other toxic things can be sucked into the water system and not escape from the water main break down. Not to mention all the old galvanized pipe that is rusted and contains lead. All of these are hazards that could potentially make people sick or even die. Some of the effects of these types of back flow have far more serious outcomes and go unnoticed for years.

These back flow devices prevent tragedy of all kinds, like for example a pump capable of producing a pressure of 150 psi is enough pressure to overcome the city water and push it back, and that pump could pump anything in water back into the water system. And during peak water usage times the city pressure will be even lower allowing more deadly stuff to be pumped into the water, and then the unknowing people get a huge dose of contaminated water full of what ever that terrorist pumped into the water. My point is we are not safe in Michigan, these people that are working in these positions such as emergency manager, governor, and many others are not qualified to protect us. Michigan printed its own version of the real plumbing code book and ruined it. I am licensed plumber in two states and this state is far behind the other states codes that protect us from potential dangers. No amount of filtration can help this problem. There needs to be a major change in people with these positions, I call for a mass firing of worthless public officials for their lack of care for their job and the people they serve.