Pinterest is the founder of the DIY craze and with YouTube assisting in filmed how-tos, we now all think we can do everything on our own. We’ll admit a lot of things you can just google, but would you like to google how to deal with that giant hairball that’s now wrapped in tree roots and is turning your everyday shower into an unpleasant foot bath? Our guess would be no, but these folks tried to DIY some of their projects that clearly needed a professional plumber.

It’s Just a Leak

According to a story from, some folks at a housekeeping company found a small leak in a ceiling they were working on. They found the leaking pipe had a small fracture where a snake appeared to be stuck. At the sight of light, the first snake pushed out and then around 20 more snakes followed suit, spilling onto the floor. They had to call pest control, obviously.

Brown Friday

A little-known fact, the day after Thanksgiving is called “Brown Friday” by most plumbers. This is caused by more people being in one house, and more people flushing that toilet. On this fateful day, one woman ended up finally calling a plumber after she had attempted to flush a turkey down the toilet because she didn’t have a disposal. She had attempted to plunge the toilet first, thinking that she could remove the carcass with suction. As you would expect, the professionals were needed.   

At Home Installation Not Recommended

Energy saving toilets are fairly cool, they use way less water and are therefore much greener than the toilet you’re probably currently using. “Elizabeth” decided to self-install this fancy new gizmo herself. Two weeks later the float inside the tank broke and flooded her house while she wasn’t there. She came home to water streaming down her stairs like a waterfall. As a result, her hardwood flooring had to be refinished, and the carpeting and bathroom flooring had to be replaced. The carpet immediately began to stink with rot because of how water logged it was, she attempted to wet-vacuum to no avail. Avoid this mishap by calling your local Whitehall A Cap Plumber.

A Flood Of Confidence

Some people will always fancy themselves a jack of all trades. “Scott” was one of these folks, and when the fittings on the copper pipes in his basement started leaking, he figured he’d try his own hand at it. After very little consideration, “Scott” decided to take his son’s small welding torch to said copper pipe fittings. It was only after he had flooded his basement that he finally conceded to calling a plumber.

Bacon Grease is Not a Liquid

Somehow, this fact has gone unnoticed for some time, bacon grease will eventually solidify. That’s the main reason that plumbers and other sources will tell you not to dump it down your drain. However, “Sharon” decided that these warnings were overstated and ridiculous. She began pouring quite a bit down her kitchen sink’s drain until it got ridiculously clogged. “Sharon”s answer to that problem? Dump multiple types of drain cleaner down this drain. These chemicals mingled to create a relatively dangerous amount of chlorine gas which. At this point, “Sharon” finally decided to call the professional plumbers.

Rather than attempting something that has the potential to have a disastrous outcome, just be safe. Would you attempt at-home dentistry because you watched a how-to video ? Hopefully the answer to that is no. There are specialized professions and trades for a reason. Don’t try to outsmart the system and get a nasty surprise. Give you Whitehall A Cap Plumbing a call for upfront pricing and 24/7 service.