Welcome back to A Cap Plumbing’s blog. If you’re concerned about the health of your hot water heater, never fear, we’re here to help you understand the workings of your water heater and therefore understand when you need to consider hot water heater replacement and when regular repair is all you’re in need of. Contact A Cap Plumbing with all of your water heater replacement needs so that we can help you avoid the shock of a cold shower or sudden flooding. Interested in more health gauges for your water heater? Check out part one of this blog series.

Listen For The Rumble

Houses make noise, much like cars. In general, it’s the new noises you should listen for, not the old ones. The sounds you should be listening for from your hot water heater will be rumbling and banging noises. You see, as your hot water heater ages, sediment begins to accumulate at the bottom of your tank. This sediment will start heating and reheating and will begin to harden after undergoing this process a couple of times. As the hardened sediment starts to heat up, it’ll start banging around inside your tank. This is a dead end for your water heater; it means it’s totally on its last leg. This rattling sediment in your tank means that the heater is going to become much less efficient, and is going to use more gas and electricity to remain at the same level of performance it’s currently at. It will also slow down the heating of the water and will make it so the water takes more time to be heated, which will put undue stress on the machine itself. This will wear on the inside of the tank, and cause the metal to become brittle and crack. Once you start hearing rumbling, inspect the heater regularly for leaks, if you find some, it means you’ll have to invest in hot water heater replacement sooner, rather than later.

Look For Water

As you could guess, water surrounding your heater is not good. But this will usually come in stages, starting off with light moisture that you wouldn’t think to feel for unless you had already checked the date and realized your heater was in the red zone. As the metal tank of your water heats, it expands and if it has even slight fractures, water is going to seep out. Once the metals cools, the impurities in the structure will disappear. But, be sure that your other fittings aren’t the issue before pursuing straight up hot water heater replacement, it might mean that you just need general plumbing services to fix these inconvenient leaks. This could come in the form of pipes leaking, or the temperature and pressure overflow pipe causing the problem, instead of the water heater.

Hot Water Heater Replacement Or Repair

If you are concerned about the health about your hot water heater and would like to avoid any morning surprises in the form of a leaking hot water heater or worse a series of cold showers, then give A Cap Plumbing a call. We service multiple areas in Michigan. We’re Muskegon’s favorite plumbers, so let us help you prevent any discomfort.