Determining If You Need Muskegon Plumbers For An Overhaul

Whenever a plumbing issue occurs, it can be scary. There’s water flowing everywhere and it smells. Overall, it’s disturbing experience. When these things happen, it’s easy to determine that you want your home plumbing replaced. If you’ve suffered a piping or pipe connection failure, it’s most likely due to age, an ignored maintenance schedule, temperature variations, faulty parts or bad installation, then it’s probably about time that you get your plumbing updated anyway. With all of this said, don’t fix something that’s not broken. Use our tips and tricks to make a final decision on whether or not your house needs new plumbing services outfitted.


To begin, it’s a good idea to start with discovering what kinds of materials your plumbing is built out of. Different kinds of pipes tend to have a different longevity. These various materials can all be accompanied by different issues as they age, as well. You can usually find this information in the appraisal or inspection documents of your home. If you have a historical home, your plumbing is probably going to consist of clay piping which obviously has a different lifespan than anything made of metal or PVC. Beyond clay, there’s copper, brass, cast iron, galvanized steel and PVC. With copper, you’re looking at a 50 plus year lifespan. Brass is around 40 to 45 years. Cast iron usually lasts 75 to 100 years, while galvanized steel rings in at a 20 to 50-year longevity point. PVC piping, however, can last indefinitely. Keep in mind, these lifespans only include the length of the pipe, not the joints, fittings or mechanical parts that make sure everything is constantly flowing safely. If you don’t touch those components of your plumbing for 50 years, you’re almost certainly going to experience some major issues ranging from leaks to water backups.

Signs That You Need Plumbing Services

There will be clear, obvious signs that you’re in need of plumbing replacement. Like a disastrous flood, or it could be something much more subtle. These signs of a more gently listing plumbing system come in the form of corrosion, cracks, and leaks from the piping itself. You may find more signs in suddenly wet baseboards around your dishwasher and sink. You may also invest in an inspection of crawl spaces and other areas with exposed piping. If this inspection uncovers mold you almost certainly have quite a few pipe leaks, as that does not accrue with only a slight drip. This can also come in the form of water-stained and warping floors, or water tubing that has rust. If you’re suffering from low pressure, you may have a corresponding clogged drain or a leak in a downstream pipe or fixture. Listen for gurgle and rattle sounds from your pipes. This is often indicative of a blockage trapping air in your pip.

Do You Need Plumbing Repair Service or Plumbing Replacement Service?

Knocking out random materials, replacing components and exposed pipes are lesser projects that would probably just be considered under the plumbing repair service category. It is, however, important to keep in mind that when you’re dealing with non-exposed piping that project is going to be much less simple, and it’s going to include demolition services on top of floor and wall repairs once the plumber is finished. If this is the route you’re going to have to go, it might be a good idea to take care of the whole system while the floor is pulled up the first time, rather than do it all again in a couple of years.

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