Our Muskegon top rated sewage pump repair plumber is highly trained to work with sewage and the many types of sewage pump plumbing repairs such as stuck floats, debris jammed in submersible sewage pump or leak inside sump pump crock. Our skilled Fruitport repair plumber is qualified to repair sump pumps that receive water from laundry tubs, washer machines, and discharge from condensate pumps.

We offer top rated sewage pump replacement plumbing when the old sump pump fails.

Does your sump pump motor stick out of a hole?

Do you have foul odors in your basement?

Does your sump pump have a sealed lid?

Can a baby crawl across the floor and fall into your sewage or sump pump?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you need a new sump pump that meets plumbing code requirements. This will eliminate all the above problems associated with old, out dated sewage and sump pumps.

New Sump Pump and drain lines
New Sump Pump and drain lines in North Muskegon